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Use the Lift by yourself or with the help
of a caregiver


             • Proven – Nurses Love the Lift

             • Lifts & Lowers  • Transfers

             • Limit 350 Lbs   • No Setup

             • Easy to Use       • Durable

             • For Hospitals.   • Home Rehab

             • Helps lower Suture Site Pain

             • Back Strap for weak/no arms

             • Serial # for traceability 


  • Carefully read entire instructions before use
  • Do not use on slick or wet surfaces
  • Limited to ambulatory persons under 350 lbs
  • Consult with your physician before use

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Our Complete Tri-Fold Methods of Operation comes with each Nurse Lift, not seen here. However, they come with each Lift sold. The Tri-Fold goes hand in hand with the Nurse Lift Video on our Home Page. 


 They are protected under U.S Patents and Federal Copyrights.


  1. These Methods are clear and simple to use with yellow Hi-Lights to emphasis important must do actions.


  1. They describe how too use the Assisted Methods of Operation and the Unassisted Methods.


  1. They also have Graphics to show the Nurse positions and the Patient positions.





How to use Nurse Lift ASSISTED to lift a Patient to a sitting position, next sliding the patient to the edge of the bed, you then stand them up. The Patient may also be transferred (lowered) to a walker or a wheelchair. You may Lift the patient out of the wheelchair when you reach your destination using Nurse Lift. Once the patient is up they can then use Nurse Lift, with the help a nurse or caregiver to walk as a support, although they must be evaluated first to make sure the patient has good balance. Nurse Lift is a progressive tool and the patient may be able to stand on their own with a nurse or caregiver at their side.


After the patient has been using Nurse Lift they can be evaluated to use it Unassisted, by themselves. When they reach this point they can Lift and Lower themselves, to use the bathroom, or walk the halls with the Lift.  They will be progressing and won’t have to call the nurses every time they need to get up.

Nurse Lift was designed as a progressive tool and also it may help to prevent Nurse injuries which are far too common in their careers.


You will enjoy the TriFold Instructions and you will see that the Nurse and Patient enjoy working together towards  a better outcome for both of them. Also the patient release from the hospital may be, Sooner rather than Later, by using Nurse Lift.

Nurse Lift is a Win-Win-Win product for the Patient, the Nurse, and Medical Facilities.. Nurse Lift is a quality proven medical device for the past fifteen years.


Donald A Brown, Inventor

President and CEO

Made In The USA

Nurse Lift 2019


Use Super Sani-wipes or hospital wipes to clean the Lift between patients. The optional Wall Clip enables the Lift to be hung on a wall, off the floor, making it easy for the nurses to use. Nurse Lift requires no set-up and has its own serial number.

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