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Proven Concept

The Nurse Lift is “Made in the USA” and has an environmentally safe powder coated finish, similar to that of a stove or refrigerator. Although it is lightweight, weighing less than 2 lbs., it is also durable and has been designed using the latest technology. The Lift’s shaft is about 50 inches long and is the backbone of the Lift. It is reinforced with a “Y” shaped internal webbed design using extrusion technology to provide additional strength when lifting individuals who weigh up to 350 lbs.

Unique “Step-On” Anchor Pad and Palm Grip

The Lift’s Anchor Pad is made up of a special combination of polymer, durometer, and surface texture for optimum grip power. The Anchor Pad is designed to be stepped on by using only one foot to secure its position to the floor or ground. It may be used at various angles while remaining flat on the floor or ground. It holds on carpet, vinyl, hardwood, ceramic floors and on cement and asphalt plus it is unlike rubber that smells and mars the hardwood and vinyl floors. The Palm Grip is specially designed to fit into the palm of a nurse or caregiver’s hand with their thumb around it to provide a secure grip to assist with lifting. The select polymer materials Vyram and Santophrene for the Anchor Pad and Palm Grip were tested for proper durometer and tear strength at Advanced Elastomer Systems.

Grips A, B, C

Grips A, B, and C are closed cell construction and Grips A, B, and C, are soft and comfortable to use by the patient during the assisted or unassisted modes of operation.


The Adjustable Back Strap is for individuals with weak or no arms. In the #1 Strap method of operation the Strap has two heavy duty snap clips at each that attach to Nurse Lift’s set ‘D’ ring located at the top of the lift under the Palm grip. The strap goes around the patients lower back first, then snap both snap clips to the set ‘D’ ring then follow the Instructions to lift the patient to a standing position. The strap can also be placed higher under the back and armpits when sitting the patient up in bed.


The strap in either position will be open in the front for patient’s with abdominal surgery to prevent the strap from coming in contact with their incision site. If the patient has had any torso surgery they need to consult with their doctor or nurse before using the strap. In the #2 Strap method of operation this unique strap can also be used as a Gate Belt to stand up a an individual from a sitting position by attaching one snap clip to the sliding ‘D’ ringon the strap then attaching the other snap clip to the set ‘D’ ring that is attached to the upper part of Nurse Lift below the Palm grip.


DO NOT use this #2 Method on a patient who just had heart, abdominal, or back surgery. The heart and abdominal patients may use Nurse lift in the #2 method of operation with their doctor’s approval but after their incision site completely heals.

Anyone using Nurse Lift MUST read the enclosed Tri-fold Instructions completely before use.


Used by Hospital and Nursing Homes to keep the lift off the floor.

It is non-magnetic for MRI and Radiology.

Also used in dental clinics to help patients in and out of the dental chairs.

Med-Surge nurses use it daily. Post surgery nurses find it very useful in helping the patients get up, get down, and get around during their recovery.

Nurses have found it very useful to have the lift in each patient room.

No set up needed. Why have nurses walk to a hall closet?

To keep the lift clean by keeping it off the hospital floor.


We ship by US Post Office 2-Day Priority Mail direct to your home or office.


Limited Warranty: Defective parts will be replaced to the original purchaser within three year of purchase, except in the case of misuse. Nurse Lift is not liable for any consequential, exemplary or incidental damages whatsoever. This limited warranty is in lieu of all liabilities and damages.


Nurse Lift requires simple maintenance by rinsing the Anchor Pad with water and drying it with a paper towel or cloth. The handgrips may be cleaned with Sani Wipes or alcohol.

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